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There has been a war raging for millennia, since the dawn of Man when Lucifer was cast out from on High into Perdition. The Father's Morningstar created his own haven but so far from Grace that it became a harbor for twisted creatures with blackened souls. Hell was born and Heaven was charged with fighting its denizens.

Castiel is a solider in the angelic army of Heaven. He is also the Angel of Thursday, which, despite the folklore, doesn't quite mean more than his designation of a minor angel; He is not very high on the angelic chain of command though was once a Lieutenant under the command of an archangel named Anael. Their garrison was stationed on Earth for more than two thousand years where they fought the demons of Hell. It was during this time that Anael chose to remove her Grace and fell - she was born a human and her Grace fell to Earth as a meteor that struck terra and grew from it a magnificent tree that harbored Anael's true essence. Castiel, being a senior in Anael's garrison before she fell, became the next in line, as it were, to lead the garrison, or at least those few that were under him before Anael's fall.

Orders came from on High to lay siege to Hell and Castiel's entire garrison, along with several others, swept down through the veil and burst through the Gates, fighting the unholy beasts and twisted masses for entry. Castiel was charged with finding and retrieving the 'Righteous Man' who had shed blood in Hell and return him to Earth. He fought his way through the boiling caverns of blood and screaming souls and found this man, the bright soul that wielded a viscous covered blade in one hand and true anguish with the other. He placed his hand on the soul's shoulder, gripped it tight, and flew as quickly as he could from the depths of the Pit towards the Earthly plane. Before he shoved the soul through the veils of reality, Castiel repaired the soul with his own Grace and called upon the Earth itself to restore the man's body, then he breathed life into the corpse and once again Dean Winchester lived.

Castiel had been charged with the responsibility of guiding this man, to prepare him for accept his place in God's plan, in Fate, but ran into trouble when he first tried to speak with his charge; he very nearly deafened and blinded the man before he realized that he would need to take a human vessel in order to speak to humans, this human in particular, without harming them. So he left Dean and went in search of a vessel that would welcome him. His search lead him to a devout man by the name of James "Jimmy" Novak. Castiel poured his Grace into his vessel and took over James' body to use as his own, leaving behind the man's wife and daughter in the process. He did allow James time to speak with his family before taking complete control but it was not his concern for the frank confusion and fear the man's wife shown thus it did not occur to him to provide further explanation to either the Wife or Daughter of his vessel the true nature of their Husband/Father's seeming abandon.

He was summoned by his charge and a man named Robert Singer which he answered, walking into the demon warded barn with determination. His vessel was immediately assaulted by rocksalt propelled from shotguns and then by a knife intended to destroy demons. It confused him, at first, why his charge did not know him or seemed to show animosity towards him but soon learned that Dean Winchester did not remember being pulled from Hell nor by whom. It was no a pleasant discovery but it had been unavoidable at the time since he had not understood the limitations of human understanding. It was something he vowed to work on; apparently his millennia worth of fascination of his Father's most favored creations wasn't enough.

Castiel spent a majority of his time away from his charge, out on the battlefields, only returning to Dean when the man was in need of his guidance or Castiel was given orders from the Host. He was not allowed to reveal much to the human or the man's tainted brother but that did not stop him from providing what services he could, when he could in order to both protect and guide the eldest Winchester. It was his duty to make sure that Micheal's true vessel was kept alive and away from the den of demonic forces, which in this case meant also the lull of his brother Samuel. However, he began to question these wisdom of these orders but only to himself. He did not voice these doubts of his until he was ordered to help Uriel, another angel, a specialist, raze a town that harbored a witch that would raise Samhain which would break another seal - another in the 66 that Lilith needed to break in order to release Lucifer from Perdition.

These doubts continued to manifest after once again being confronted with Anael, now Anna Milton. Castiel and Uriel - Archangel of Purity and Castiel's superior - were charged with killing the fallen angel who had betrayed Heaven and fell to Earth to be born human. The Winchesters, Dean specifically, was not amiable to this decree and actively fought against them, protecting 'Anna' from them - It was Anael's memories inside of a Anna that provided them with the signal that would repel angels from their presence. But it had been ordered and they continued to try and get to Anna. However, though Dean had eventually called them forth to retrieve Anna it was all part of a clever ruse concocted by the Winchesters and the demon Ruby, as well as awakened Anael, that ultimately had Anael stealing her Grace, held in a vial, from Uriel and restored herself to her former glory. She was rogue now and an even greater threat, but Castiel had regret, now, and more doubt.

He tried to follow Heaven's orders but after persuading his charge to torture a demon named Alastair - the grand Torturer of Hell and the demon that spent thirty years breaking Dean's soul and another ten as the soul's teacher - for information about who was killing angels, it was revealed to Castiel by Uriel that God was no longer giving the orders to the Host to filter to the other angels. Uriel then went on to reveal that it was he that had been murdering their brethren but only those that didn't agree to join Uriel in freeing Lucifer, their brother, from his prison and taking their rightful place as superiors to humans. Castiel balked at the very idea that Uriel, or any angel, would place themselves above God and refused which resulted in Uriel attacking him and nearly killing him; Anael saved him from this fate and he in turn saved Dean from Alastair whom Uriel had allowed to escape the devil's trap that Castiel had painted himself. Though, in the end, it was the younger Winchester that saved them both by killing Alastair once and for all using his demonic powers gifted to him by Azazel.

These doubts soured within him and made him tremble because they forced into his mind thoughts of disobedience and that way lead to disgrace and falling. He did not want to fall but too couldn't ignore the contradictions and hush the suspicions he now saw. Castiel spent much time trying to come to terms with this disquiet within himself but after the events following the Winchester's introduction to the Prophet Chuck Shurley (Chuck is protected by the Archangel Raphael), he was unable to keep them hidden. He tried to disobey the Host by asking his charge to meet him somewhere where he would reveal to him truths, and his doubts, but was immediately, and forcefully, extracted from his human host and returned to Heaven where he was purified of these thoughts and scrubbed clean of his doubts, only then was he allowed to take a new vessel which turned out to be his former vessel's daughter. He chose to return to take James Novak as his vessel once more after the man pleaded with him to spare his daughter the same fate he had, for lack of a better word, damned himself to by agreeing to play host for Castiel; the man was dying at the time and Castiel felt true sympathy for the suffering soul so agreed to spare the man's daughter and flowed into James once more, healing his wounds and promising to protect the man's family in honor of his service. Dean had asked him, afterward, what Castiel had meant to tell him but he had been cleansed of his doubts and renewed of his absolute Faith in the Host so he told the his charge that he served Heaven and not Man and especially not Dean Winchester. This was only partially a lie.

The doubts returned, full force, when Zachariah locked Dean into a room within Heaven and forbade Castiel to reuniting the Winchesters which the other angel knew could possibly stop Sam from killing Lilith and thus stopping the seal from being broken. He disobeyed the Heavenly Host once more and stole Dean from his cell and took him to visit the Prophet Chuck. The archangels pursued and Castiel vowed he would hold them off so that Dean could save his brother, thus he used his Grace to send Dean to Sam while he faced the wrath of his brothers.


Castiel is an angel who has lived for thousands of years, a warrior of Heaven who has fought countless battles both in the realm of Heaven, the plane of Earth, and the twisted fields of Hell. He is not human. This is a very important distinction.

He often seems aloof and cold or acutely focused and wrathful, staring at people with a gaze that seems to penetrate right through to their souls. But this is the default of all angels for they are far above humanity and do not share the same social cues or mores. There is no I amongst his brethren, no singular. They are together, brothers and sisters, always. They share their thoughts with one another, their voices rise together in songs of praise, of battle, of mourning, of victory.

This is not how humans interact and it is difficult to conform to their ways which leaves an impression of him as a 'dick', as his charge, Dean Winchester, dubs all angels. However, he is trying to understand humanity and the more he interacts with it the more able he is to mimic their mannerisms and habits. This often manifests most as sympathy.

Castiel is a good soldier, a faithful angel of the Lord, and protector and friend of Dean Winchester. These distinctions are not separate but they do change how he is and how he acts as his character evolves in Armageddon.


Castiel's true appearance can only be witnessed by a select few humans without causing serious and permanent damage. His Glory is white-hot and electric(not literal), and when outside of a vessel - a human in which can contain his Grace - can purge demonic entities as well as several other supernatural beings with demonic taint, and will burn out the eyes of any being that cannot look upon an angel's true form. ((i.e. Pamela Barnes, reference))

However, Castiel is currently residing inside of a vessel named James "Jimmy" Novak and as such has taken the appearance of the man - even though it's really James' visage he wears and not a 'cloning' or assimilation. This gives him the appearance of a middle-aged Caucasian man of about 35 years of age with short, spiky brown hair, vivid blue eyes and thin cupid's bow lips. He stands approximately 5'11 both with and without the sensible dark leather shoes his vessel had been wearing when he siphoned himself inside.

Castiel, in the body of James, wears a two piece dark blue suit beneath of which he wears a white button up shirt with a white tank top below that. He wears a blue tie that matches his eyes in complement to his suit and, as stated above, dark leather shoes. He also wears a long beige trench coat over his suit.
ABILITIES (abridged)

Castiel is an angel and as such holds the abilities to fold time and space, teleport to anywhere on Earth as well as Heaven, can venture into Perdition as well as Purgatory (this is not s6 compliant) - please note that he can take souls as well as physical beings along for the ride, smite demons, kill supernatural creatures as well as other beings with his Grace (leaving his vessel momentarily so that his true form can be looked upon), he can, also, exorcise demons with a touch of his hand. He also has superhuman strength, healing abilities (unlimited to slightly diminished, to severely diminished depending on canon/au played), telekinesis, telepathy (He can read surface thoughts. However, he can read people's thoughts directly and in-depth if he so chose. Castiel also can speak to other Angels telepathically from anywhere.), and has been known to dreamwalk. He can also put people to sleep by touching their foreheads and commanding them to 'rest'. And, last but not least, he can conjure a sword - more like a dagger when it's not imbued with his Grace - to defend himself or attack. It is a Holy weapon and an extension of his Glory.

Castiel can be considered a scholar. He knows every language known to Man and Angel as well as many demonic languages as well. He also knows rituals of every shape and size, can draw runes/symbols/signals of power and imbue them with his Grace if the ritual he recites doesn't or as a supplement to the ritual. He knows weakness of every creature too or can find it within his knowledge banks.

Castiel also has wings which can produce high winds and do allow him to 'fly', however they are kept within his vessel at all times unless he's leaving his vessel to 'smite', 'flying', or allowing them to be shadowed on a surface to 'show' them to beings without causing them harm. ((please note these are personal interpretations and perception and might not always remain within canon.))

[[Angels of the Lord are seriously overpowered BAMFs.]]